William Nathon Theodore

Bill is a first generation Skeet Surfer forced to drive trucks for FEDEX to feed his suring habit.


Bill is slightly outragous and given to spontainious behaviour. 

Loves people and life, but doesn't give much thought to more than the immediate future.  Totally devoted to whomever he is with, regardless of why he is with them.  

Bill is a team player who will do crazy things just to keep his quite funtional mind from boredom.

He is a young man who works as a truck driver for FEDEX to pay the bills.  His dream is to be the professional surfer who makes Skeet Surfing a professional sport.

In spite of being a truck driver because he needs to eat, he was a devoted employee who was always careful to deliver his packages on time and in good condition.

None of this will be appearant at first glance…He looks like the surfer dude he dreams of being.

Only his job changed when the infection disasembled society.  

That and not being bored anymore.  Now he can do all the crazy things he can find and no one thinks badly of him for it.  Sometimes they even seem to appreciate his willingness to take a few chances.

...If only he were at the beech…


Bill was very young at his birth and got older over time.  This happens to a lot of us and is not the point of this biography.  It need not be mentioned again.


Bill tells people he was born on the beech.  This is what he tells people.  He just likes the sound of it and the idea that he was meant to be at the beach.

The strange truth is that he was actually born in the surf.  His mother being aided in the delivery by a "natural birth" helper and he was delivered in the salt water surf.  His mother died of infection shortly after his birth and he was taken to the orphanage where he lived until he was 18.  In reallity he lived at the beach and slept at the orphanage. 

No one knows much about his mom and his mother never told anyone about his father.

Bill's childhood was filled with sneaking off to the beach to watch the surfers.  To Bill, they were the coolest people in the world.

Eventually, they took him in and taught him to surf.  From these people he developed his attitudes toward other people.  Their willingness to care for and help him became the template for how he treated others.

Though lacking a good education he never lacked for a job.  His positive attitude and his willingness to help others made him a good employee and coworker.

This is not to say that  he was suitable for most types of work, just that employers were willing to find something he could do for them because they liked having him around.

Eventually he became a truck driver with a good reputation and started working for FEDEX.  He was always on time, did his paperwork, and the customers loved the way he treated them.

Then came the virus and everything changed. 

Everything changed except for Bill.  He just changed jobs.

Now he is a daredevil who helps those in need of help. 

He may also be slightly imballanced….

William Nathon Theodore

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