Grand Junction is back and on a new system.

Through research and much thought over the past few weeks. I posed the question to my group about relaunching Grand Junction on the All Flesh Must be Eaten Unisystem platform. It met with good results and so now I will be converting this campaign from D20 Modern to AFMBE.

For the relaunch I plan to have two story arcs running.

One with the current characters Max Logan, Norman Fields, and William Nathon Theodore. The world has been ravaged by zombies and the United States is seeming to crumble day by day. But there is hope. Survivors slowly trickle into Flagstaff AZ, and Kirkland AFB the current seat of the United States government. The Group has plenty of supplies and a lot of help. A higher powered game using Survivors.

The second Arc will be set about five to ten years prior to the events of Grand Junction. The Location is Mankato MN, a town outside of Minneapolis MN. There in the town of 39,000 people is a secret that the characters will soon find. A lower powered game using Norms.

Grand Junction

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