The World

Tensions be tween the nations of the world have been rising for the last decade as the U. S. Economy continues to stay in a state of depression. The crash of the housing market in the year 2007, the banking crisis in late 2008 and the colapse of the American auto industry in 2009, in spite of government support all have taken their toll. The U.S. pulls it’s military out of Iraq and Afghanistan. The two countries soon fall into disarray and soon after extremist governments take hold and form an alliance with Iran. Meanwhile the decrease of influence the U. S. has in the world and it’s decreasing monetary and military support for the U.N. has destabilized Europe and Asia.

In the spring of 2009 Russia invades the Ukraine and the Balkans. Later that year it signs a peace treaty with these nations after propping up pro-Russian governments.

In 2010 The Alliance of Islamic Nations(Iraq,Iran,Syria,Lebanon,Egypt,Yemen, and Somalia) Is formed. Later that year large scale Terrorist attacks grip the whole of western Europe. With Thousands dying in France, Spain, And Great Britain.

May 18th 2012. An epidemic of biblical proportions hits the mainland U.S. All communication is lost with the former world power. From the few news reports to seen there were large explosions in New York, L.A., Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, Detroit, Indianapolis, San Fransisco, And Miami. The explosions Seem to have been coordinated as they a happened near the same time. Canada, and Mexico soon follow.

The World

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