Game Tone

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid. It has happened. The unthinkable, the dead roam the earth and all of mankind must fight to survive.

Survival will be key in the first few levels of play. Gather the supplies that will keep you safe and help you possibly find more survivors.

Later if the party stays smart, they may be able to explore wider areas. And as always There are rumors of strongholds resisting the onslaught of the zombie outbreak.

Long Periods of suspense, followed by bursts of intense caotic combat. Be careful for there a lot more of them than you . . . . Search for supplies, Others that are not infected, and why this happened. Then hordes of Zombies hurling themselves at you with reckless abandon. Shoot, Hack, Punch, explode, and claw your way free of the shambling masses of the dead. This is not for the faint of heart. So if your ready for a rollercoaster ride of Zombie doom come on aboard.

Game Tone

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