Grand Junction

Episode 10 : The City Limits II

Part Two : The Bridge

A few hours north out of Grand Junction the survivors driving their Land Rovers crest a hill and get a view of a bridge. Both the South end and the North end of the bridge are barricaded. Keeping a mass of zombies from accessing the bridge itself. a Group of people can be seen running around the bridge trying to keep the mass at bay. Max, Bill, and Norman decide that to cross the bridge would be difficult. They would have to kill two groups of zombies and clear two sets of road blocks.

Max, Bill, and Norman decide to drive back down the road a few miles and take the Land Rovers off road to cross the river that runs under the bridge and along side the road. After crossing the river the group continues northward using recreational trails to scale up the mountain to the north side of the bridge. Bill is able to get all three Land Rovers to the north side of the road past the bridge. After some discussion the group goes back to help the Innocents. Driving two of the Land Rovers backwards and side by side with Max, Norman and John in the back shooting at the zombies. A High pitched howl accompanies a different kind of zombie. A Fast one that can launch itself in the air about fifteen to twenty feet. Five break out from the mob of shambling zombies to charge at the Land Rovers. The shooters are able to down the new zombies and a load more in the next hour.

It’s getting close to the end of thinning out the zombie mob that was attacking the bridge on the north side. When a Huge Infected Bear Charges out from where the survivors could not see. Charging head long the powerful beast is filled with lead as Max Logan fires the kill shot.


Man, that zombie bear was a crazy surprise! Those zombies better watch out though, because if we find some uninfected bears at a zoo or something… and combine them with our newly acquired semi-truck… we’ll have one heck of a way of clearing out a building! Bear Team, EXECUTE! Go Go Go!! I’m sure it’ll just take a flashbang to get things going, then any zombies in that building are toast. :)

Episode 10 : The City Limits II
Tammarcas Tammarcas

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