Grand Junction

Episode 9: The City Limits I

Part One : Zombie Off Road

After leaving the car dealership in the three Land Rovers. The survivors steadily drove towards the city limits. The closer they got to the outlet road the more they came across large barriers. The barriers were placed in a way the herded the cars to one out let street. A short time later the group arrived at the Grand Junction checkpoint. A tangled mass of cars, concrete barriers, and fences. After Using a derelict Truck to make a path through the concrete barriers and fences the group returned to their Land Rovers. Packed before the roadblock lie an uncountable amount of dead. Not wanting to take a chance the survivors kick the Land Rovers into four wheel drive and power over the mass. Reaching the other side the group finds the roadblock compromised and the two military hummers unusable. Taking the radio out of one the three Land Rovers drive on. The hopes of the survivors to find the military outpost foremost in their minds.


Tammarcas Tammarcas

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