Grand Junction

Episode 12: The Road to Flagstaff

Part Two : The Harsh Reality

The Group Makes it to the military installation and are promptly separated and decontaminated. After that the group is brought back together in a conference room. There they learn the hard truth. The Infection has spread out though the United States. The Government has been temporarily been moved to Kirkland AFB in New Mexico. The District of Colombia was one of the Epicenters of the outbreak. The Government has taken a large amount of casualties. The Current acting President of the United States id Secretary of Transportation Richard Ellis. Before D.C. Fell the order went out to Bomb U.S. Cities overrun with the infection. As Such all major U.S. cities have been attacked. This has stopped as it has not stopped the spread of the infection. At this time most communication lines are down. The CDC sent out an emergency message all over the globe with the state of the crisis.

After the situation sinks in. Max Logan and Norman Fields are asked to assemble a specialized team to deal with special missions. They will go deep into Infected zones and carry out a number of vital operations. They Accept and begin gathering the people needed to form such a group. Haskel, Hawkins, Hernandez, Jenkins, Martin, Rameriez, Rutger, Swanson, and of course William Nathon Theodore.


Tammarcas Tammarcas

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