Grand Junction

Episode 11 : The Road to Flagstaff

Part One : The Road and a Gas Station

After the commotion dies down the group approaches the survivors on the bridge. With a little effort all the people are mobilized and heading down the highway. The group decides to put the injured in a truck at the end of the convoy. They travel into the night and reach the military out post, deserted. The group takes care and inspects the makeshift camp. There are numerous signs of a hasty departure. Max Logan and Norman Fields have a disagreement over some computers that were left at the sight. Norman Fields is able to find some information that leads the group to decide to head for Flagstaff Arizona. It seem that Salt Lake City has been overrun and there is a warning not to go near there. The next day the group mobilizes and heads off towards Flagstaff.

The groups travels a day without any trouble. The Gas levels start to get low and as the group crests a hill they find a Gas station in the distance. The group heads cautiously to the gas station and take a lay of the land and find that there is a garage and broken down Semi tractor-trailer in the parking lot. The group is set on by a large group of zombies that were inside of the station. A car full of the people saved at the bridge screams away from the gas station. After dealing with the zombie threat the group starts to scavenge. The Trailer is repairable and the group starts in on making that operational. Gas is topped off and the garage is gutted of all the useful equipment. Inside the convenience store section of the station it is defiled. nothing of value. William Nathon Theodore finds basement access and with another of the group he heads down to investigate. William Nathon Theodore finds a nest-like structure. Baffled he shares the information. The group heads out on towards Flagstaff.

Midway into the third day of travel the group comes to an outpost of survivors. With some quick and persuasive words Norman Fields is able to get the group through the outpost with out sparking any problems with the people there. They do not know about flagstaff. The people take some medicine in exchange for some food and wish the group well on their way.

After another few days the convoy makes it to flagstaff . . .


Tammarcas Tammarcas

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