Grand Junction

Code Name: Taurus
Operation Safe Guard - Mission 1

Location: Los Angeles Cal.

Primary Objective:

Locate and Extract Dr. Langdon Carlson Codename : Taurus (If uninfected)

Secondary Objectives:

A – Locate and Extract Any of Dr. Carlson’s Biomedical Team. (If Uninfected)
B – Extract Data from all Government Medical Computers. (destroy if unable)
C – Extract any government agents or workers (If Uninfected)
D – Extract any civilians (If uninfected)

Drop off point: Undetermined

Extraction point: Undetermined

Episode 12: The Road to Flagstaff
Part Two : The Harsh Reality

The Group Makes it to the military installation and are promptly separated and decontaminated. After that the group is brought back together in a conference room. There they learn the hard truth. The Infection has spread out though the United States. The Government has been temporarily been moved to Kirkland AFB in New Mexico. The District of Colombia was one of the Epicenters of the outbreak. The Government has taken a large amount of casualties. The Current acting President of the United States id Secretary of Transportation Richard Ellis. Before D.C. Fell the order went out to Bomb U.S. Cities overrun with the infection. As Such all major U.S. cities have been attacked. This has stopped as it has not stopped the spread of the infection. At this time most communication lines are down. The CDC sent out an emergency message all over the globe with the state of the crisis.

After the situation sinks in. Max Logan and Norman Fields are asked to assemble a specialized team to deal with special missions. They will go deep into Infected zones and carry out a number of vital operations. They Accept and begin gathering the people needed to form such a group. Haskel, Hawkins, Hernandez, Jenkins, Martin, Rameriez, Rutger, Swanson, and of course William Nathon Theodore.

Episode 11 : The Road to Flagstaff
Part One : The Road and a Gas Station

After the commotion dies down the group approaches the survivors on the bridge. With a little effort all the people are mobilized and heading down the highway. The group decides to put the injured in a truck at the end of the convoy. They travel into the night and reach the military out post, deserted. The group takes care and inspects the makeshift camp. There are numerous signs of a hasty departure. Max Logan and Norman Fields have a disagreement over some computers that were left at the sight. Norman Fields is able to find some information that leads the group to decide to head for Flagstaff Arizona. It seem that Salt Lake City has been overrun and there is a warning not to go near there. The next day the group mobilizes and heads off towards Flagstaff.

The groups travels a day without any trouble. The Gas levels start to get low and as the group crests a hill they find a Gas station in the distance. The group heads cautiously to the gas station and take a lay of the land and find that there is a garage and broken down Semi tractor-trailer in the parking lot. The group is set on by a large group of zombies that were inside of the station. A car full of the people saved at the bridge screams away from the gas station. After dealing with the zombie threat the group starts to scavenge. The Trailer is repairable and the group starts in on making that operational. Gas is topped off and the garage is gutted of all the useful equipment. Inside the convenience store section of the station it is defiled. nothing of value. William Nathon Theodore finds basement access and with another of the group he heads down to investigate. William Nathon Theodore finds a nest-like structure. Baffled he shares the information. The group heads out on towards Flagstaff.

Midway into the third day of travel the group comes to an outpost of survivors. With some quick and persuasive words Norman Fields is able to get the group through the outpost with out sparking any problems with the people there. They do not know about flagstaff. The people take some medicine in exchange for some food and wish the group well on their way.

After another few days the convoy makes it to flagstaff . . .

Episode 10 : The City Limits II
Part Two : The Bridge

A few hours north out of Grand Junction the survivors driving their Land Rovers crest a hill and get a view of a bridge. Both the South end and the North end of the bridge are barricaded. Keeping a mass of zombies from accessing the bridge itself. a Group of people can be seen running around the bridge trying to keep the mass at bay. Max, Bill, and Norman decide that to cross the bridge would be difficult. They would have to kill two groups of zombies and clear two sets of road blocks.

Max, Bill, and Norman decide to drive back down the road a few miles and take the Land Rovers off road to cross the river that runs under the bridge and along side the road. After crossing the river the group continues northward using recreational trails to scale up the mountain to the north side of the bridge. Bill is able to get all three Land Rovers to the north side of the road past the bridge. After some discussion the group goes back to help the Innocents. Driving two of the Land Rovers backwards and side by side with Max, Norman and John in the back shooting at the zombies. A High pitched howl accompanies a different kind of zombie. A Fast one that can launch itself in the air about fifteen to twenty feet. Five break out from the mob of shambling zombies to charge at the Land Rovers. The shooters are able to down the new zombies and a load more in the next hour.

It’s getting close to the end of thinning out the zombie mob that was attacking the bridge on the north side. When a Huge Infected Bear Charges out from where the survivors could not see. Charging head long the powerful beast is filled with lead as Max Logan fires the kill shot.

Episode 9: The City Limits I
Part One : Zombie Off Road

After leaving the car dealership in the three Land Rovers. The survivors steadily drove towards the city limits. The closer they got to the outlet road the more they came across large barriers. The barriers were placed in a way the herded the cars to one out let street. A short time later the group arrived at the Grand Junction checkpoint. A tangled mass of cars, concrete barriers, and fences. After Using a derelict Truck to make a path through the concrete barriers and fences the group returned to their Land Rovers. Packed before the roadblock lie an uncountable amount of dead. Not wanting to take a chance the survivors kick the Land Rovers into four wheel drive and power over the mass. Reaching the other side the group finds the roadblock compromised and the two military hummers unusable. Taking the radio out of one the three Land Rovers drive on. The hopes of the survivors to find the military outpost foremost in their minds.

Episode 8: The Dealership
Five Finger Discount

After spending a night in an abandoned apartment building Max, William and Norman gathered up the remaining survivors and headed out to the car dealership. After reaching the car lot uneventfully the group started to debate the merits of the cars available to them. Norman spotting a group of three Land Rovers, was able to convince everybody that they were the best choice. Wheeling the three Land Rovers into the dealerships service department William and Liam started to make some modifications to the vehicles. At the same time Max, Norman, John and Shannon all set out scavenging the parts needed for the modifications and for food, water, and other supplies. After a days work the survivors piled into the Land Rovers. Liam and Max in the lead car. Norman and John in the rear car. They then drove towards the Grand Junction city limits.

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Episode 7: Brick Park
Old Faithful

As night approached the Survivors made it to Brick park. Entering through a open gate the group passed through the park quickly and came to the fountain just as the fountain started it’s weekly show. The sound of the rushing water and pump attracted a large amount of zombies. With a few well placed grenades and some quick thinking the group is able to make their way out of the park just as they hear the barking of what seems like a pack of dogs. As Max, William and Norman create a path for the survivors to escape the mob of zombies, They notice the dogs attack the zombies. As the sun goes down Max, William, Norman, John, Liam, Samule and Shannon make their way to an apartment building near by.

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Episode 6: Crossing the City
The Cummute

At Daybreak the survivors left the gun shop and decided to head to a local car dealership. Along the way the group would have to pass through local Brick Park. The first few hours Max lead the group through a maze of broken buildings and blocked streets. Over the top of a rise the group comes to a swath of leveled city. There are two choices to pass the rubble. Over it or through a city service tunnel. The group chose to pass over the rubble. Along the way the ground caved in and Mark and Robert fell through and plunged thirty feet below into a waiting mob of zombies. Max hurried over to help and saw the zombies and motioned the rest of the survivors to hurry on.

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Episode 5: The Gunshop
Time to Reload

Max, William and Norman, fleeing the zombie hoard from the crash site arrive at a local gun supplier under assault. Fighting Their way to the shop Max, William and Norman enter the shop. There they Find Six other survivors, John, Mark, Liam, Samule, Shannon, and Robert. There the group resupplies and forms a plan to get everybody out of the city.

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